Adjustable Macramé Wristband: Express yourself with Some Colorful Wrist Candy

Wear something that signifies YOU! These customizable macramé bracelets are created in a variety of patterns and styles. They are knotted with Linhasita, an extremely durable waxed polyester cord made in Brazil or a brighter, slightly rougher waxed polyester, or even hemp or nylon cord. These bracelets beg to be customized to your specifications. They can be adjustable with a sliding knot closure or a fitted loop and button. See images below for examples. Contact with questions.

Alpha Bracelets (words and letters, or just fun designs)

These bracelets are knotted using the Cavendoli method, also known as Alpha bracelets in the friendship bracelet world.

Aguayo Inspiration

These bracelets adopt their multicolored stripe design from the well-known South American Aguayo textiles (learn more).

Inca Road Designs

Great for blending your favorite colors. Go wide or narrow, and this pattern makes a great choker necklace (with or without beads).

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